Shop at Wayfair, Pay over time with Katapult

We’ve partnered with Wayfair to help you get the items you need today, with no credit required.

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How It Works

Add your items to your cart as usual, and select Wayfair Financing as your payment option at checkout.

Make your initial $45 payment and your items will be processed and shipped right away by Wayfair.

We set you up with comfortable payments over the next 12 months (or 18 months for over $2,000), then you own your item(s). You can always pay off early with no penalty. The sooner you pay off the more you save.

Pay off you’re lease within 90 days and you’ll pay the cash price plus 5% plus the $45 initial payment to own your items.

Payment Examples

$200 Lease

$33 33

Per Month

  • Initial Payment: $45
  • Total if paid within 90 days: $255
  • Total cost if full term: $445

$500 Lease

$83 33

Per Month

  • Initial payment: $45
  • Total if paid within 90 days: $570
  • Total cost if full term: $1,045

$700 Lease

$116 67

Per Month

  • Initial payment: $45
  • Total if paid within 90 days: $780
  • Total cost if full term: $1,445

Pricing may vary by state and does not include sales tax. CA residents pay only the cash price if paid off within 3 months. Weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly payment schedules also available.


Katapult offers a simple, straight-forward lease-to-own financing option to help you get durable goods from top retailers, such as Wayfair, and pay over time.

Lease-to-own means that you make recurring payments for the use of the products you have selected. You have no long term obligation to continue leasing and can return the product to Katapult at any time with no further obligation other than for amounts past due.

You will pay $45 and any applicable shipping fees today.

  • All fees are refundable within the first 30 days of purchase if ALL products are returned to Wayfair and we have received notice directly from Wayfair.
  • Once outside the first 30 Days, all payments are non-refundable, but you can return your item to Katapult if your account is in good standing.

Recently there was an update to the Wayfair Finance experience. After this upgrade, Affirm and Katapult were arranged in the Wayfair Financing Waterfall. You are correctly being delivered to Affirm as the correct finance option. You will not be able to use Katapult to checkout with Wayfair. You can use your approved Katapult limit with one of our other partner retailers. Please visit us at

  1. Make sure you are not using the “Wayfair App”. The Wayfair Finance option is not presented on the Mobile App platform.
  2. Make sure you have your items loaded into your cart. Having an empty cart will keep you from seeing the Wayfair Finance option.
  3. If on the Website, follow the steps below:
    1. Go to your Wayfair cart
    2. Select proceed to Checkout
    3. Under payment information
      1. Select “Pay as low as”  – Wayfair Financing

This normally happens when an applicant is using a non-compatible payment method. You would need to use a credit/debit card that is linked to a physical bank.

You would not be able to use the following type of cards:

  • Pre-paid (GreenDot, Chase Liquid, AMEX Serve, etc.)
  • Foreign
  • Reloadable
  • Gift Cards
  • Government Issued
  • Local Credit Unions

Yes. Every time you create a new lease you would have to pay the $45. This would be considered a new lease with its own terms and pay dates.

No, discounts can not be applied when using the Katapult option. Any discounts or promos would need to be applied after purchase with a Wayfair representative.