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We will offer them additional approval amounts for being a great customer that can be used towards another lease purchase agreement.

Accommodations and or material changes to a customers existing lease agreement may inhibit the opportunity to enroll in additional lease agreements.

Not currently however, this is something we are working on for the future, so check back with us.

In order to ensure compliance with applicable law in Indiana, including regarding regulations pertaining specifically to lease-to-own transactions involving automotive-related property, wheels, rims, and tires are the only automotive-related property that may be subject to a Katapult lease-purchase agreement.  All other products and categories under the automotive umbrella will be deemed as non-leasable goods.

The initial payment will be collected by us at checkout. You will process the payment in-store via the retailer portal. If you offer your products online, customers will make their payment directly to Katapult during the checkout experience.

Your customers are much more than a credit score. To show that, we check out information about your customers without the use of typical FICO based credit reporting agencies.

Payments are calculated based on the amount your customer spends and the term of their lease purchase agreement.  Please visit the “How It Works” page on for more details.

We can only fund you once the delivery has been completed. If a delivery date is modified or an item is on backorder, you will need to notify us or adjust the date on the retailer portal. This ensures proper funding occurs and proper funding is a good thing.

By visiting your retailer portal: Review the application index to see details on a specific lease purchase agreement.

By live chat: LiveChat

By email: or you can email your Account Manager directly

By phone: 833- KATAPULT (528-2785)

By connecting with your Sales Manager or Account Manager, they will have provided you with contact info during and after your training session.

By mail: 27 W. 24th Street Suite 1101, New York, NY 10010

Retailer and Customer Service are available 7 days a week.


Mon-Fri: 7am to 11pm CST
Sat: 8am-6pm CST
Sun: 10am-9pm CST

Should you call outside of normal business hours you can leave us a voicemail and one of our service representatives will get back to you within 24 hours

We know the future of shopping is online and we want to drive as many customers your way as possible by offering a variety of exciting buttons and banners for you to use on your website. We also offer unique online integrations and are partnered with many of today’s leading platforms.

Please schedule a demo today to get started.

Once you are ready to integrate, visit our Development Resources page to get the documents you need to get started.

We make it easy to connect with pre-approved customers. If a customer is shopping in-store they can apply and get an instant decision. If a customer is shopping online and is pre-approved you can access that information by logging into your retailer portal or by checking your email within 24 hours.

We want your customers to be successful with their lease purchase agreement. To help ensure this, lease to own payments are collected via the card used for the initial payment.  The lease to own payment deadlines generally correspond with your customer’s pay dates.

Pre-Approvals are good for 30 days. During these 30 days, we remind them to come back and shop. If for any reason they do not use the pre-approval they are welcome to reapply again in the future.

We are a low-cost, high-reward option to help you close more transactions with customers needing a no credit required, lease to own purchasing option. Connect with a sales team member to find the program that best suits your needs

No, a checking account is not required to apply for a Katapult lease. We may request it as additional information to process their application. They will not be charged to apply.

Our application process is so easy, you won’t believe how fast you’ll be enjoying your products! We ask for the information below and that’s it. No hidden requests or mixed signals here.

  1. A valid credit or debit card to make recurring payments. (no prepaid or gift cards, and the card MUST be in the signing customer’s name)
  2. A current, valid US address that is active with the USPS. (Please note that commercial addresses and P.O. Boxes will not be accepted)
  3. A cell phone with them, with a valid mobile number that can receive SMS
  4. A valid Social Security or Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN).
  5. A valid email address.
  6. A valid photo ID showing they are 18 years of age or older

We have your back. We mirror your return and exchange policies. Customers are able to utilize those policies within the guidelines stated. If your policy window of 30 days (or more where applicable) has passed, customers may contact us and return the product(s) to Katapult, fair wear and tear accepted, releasing them from future payments. Please provide the customer with Katapult’s Customer Service information if assistance is needed; 833- KATAPULT (528-2785), LiveChat or email In the case of a valid return all funds paid by Katapult to you must be returned to Katapult within 72 hours.

If a product that is on a lease purchase agreement is on backorder, you will need to make sure the customer is notified of the updated delivery date. Accommodations can be made and an updated lease purchase agreement can be drafted for the customer. You will not be funded for a lease purchase agreement until all products have been successfully delivered to your customer. If they would like to cancel their lease purchase agreement please connect with a Katapult service team member by calling 833- KATAPULT (528-2785), LiveChat or via email at to find a resolution.

We have an expansive library of buttons, banners, social media content, in store marketing materials and promotional items. We’re always open to scheduling meetings with our marketing team and yours to discover how we can work best together. Reach out to your Katapult account manager if you’d like to schedule a call.

We fund the next business day for leases that were delivered.

Customers nowadays want options. And we offer those to your customers. Half of the US has a FICO score below 700, and their financing options are limited.  Through the use of our program, customers have the flexibility to pay off with our 90-day early purchase option, pay off any time during the lease agreement or pay off by fulfilling all of their scheduled lease payments.

They can also contact Katapult to make arrangements if they are not able to maintain the agreement. All of this is done with no credit required. So whatever your customer is looking for, we have an option for them.

Because we make it easy to get your products into customers’ homes by offering an easy to navigate application, a low cost initial payment, flexible due dates and top notch service. We make bringing customers to you a breeze with our unparalleled marketing strategies and offerings.

Why would you want to mess with the rest when you can truly have the best?