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There’s a world of shoppers out there waiting to be included.
Not a niche-an avalanche.  To serve the millions of people
who are overlooked, we put a fresh spin on lease-purchase.
It’s a win for shoppers and retailers.

The Katapult effect.

1 Day

Shazam. Our retail partners
receive funds in 1 to 3 days.


That’s our repeat purchase
story and that says loyalty.


Our NPS score is one of the
highest across all categories.


Our community of retailers (plus you).


Our average approval rate for
prime waterfall declines.

Lease-to-own, reimagined.

No hidden fees, late fees, or surprises.
Transparent lease payments – no credit required.
Treating people well, with award-winning customer service.

More insight,
zero risk.

Our AI and ML technology sees beyond credit scores for deeper insight.
Fast settlement that covers the entire transaction.
Connection with an engaged, loyal audience.

is a snap.

Off-the-shelf and custom direct options to meet your needs.
Prime lending waterfall partnerships.
Smooth integrations with leading e-commerce platforms.
Full-service omni-channel solutions. Hands-on support from our team.

Available on the following platforms.

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The Retailer Reviews

“Our partnership with Katapult furthers our mission to bring smarter technology to all. We’re excited to offer our passionate consumers yet another way to access the many innovations we’re bringing to the U.S. market.”

– VP & general manager, Telecommunications

“Katapult has been a great addition to our assortment of payment options for our customers. They are very responsive to any needs we have and always willing to partner with us to help promote our business in the digital world.”

– District Manager, Home Furnishings

“I think this is an excellent solution for [auto retailer] customers. Katapult is fantastic to work with and you can implement a solution quickly and easily to reach more customers. When we can offer something to help a customer, that’s a win.”

– Director of Marketing, Automotive